Popularity now has its value

Trade on the popularity of your
favorite celebrities

How it works

Become a trader on our platform in a few easy steps


Register on our site and choose your broker. Choosing a broker in your region will be more practical, but you can choose a broker from anywhere in the world.

Select a

Select the category that interests you the most. Be sure that your broker is proficient in that category as they will provide you with news, information, help and advice.

The Stock

Simply choose what stock you want to buy. Please note that all stocks aren't always available on the market.

Place an

When the platform finds a match between a sell and buy order - the transaction is done in the Blockchain system.


Your transaction is secure and transparent. You can find the stock you purchased in your portfolio.

How IPOs Work

A Stock's life starts
with an IPO

IPO Announcement

Trading may Begin!

A stock, on our platform, represents a measured value based on the market appreciation of the popularity of celebrities from all over the world. The life of a stock starts with an IPO (Initial Popularity Offer) - the date of release, the initial price, the total number of shares, and the time of release. Brokers and the platform news announce the IPO’s. As soon as a certain stock is released, you can buy it and then sell it in the trading section. Once the stock you have bought reaches 100 % of its performance, a dividend will be paid and transferred directly into your online wallet, i.e. to everyone who owns that stock in their portfolio.


On Famebroker, stock prices are expressed in Bitfames


The Bitfames are the native token of the Famebroker platform. They are a token built on Ethereum.

You can use the Bitfames on the Famebroker platform to trade with popularity stocks. Buy some stocks, wait for the value of the stocks to grow and then sell the stocks for profit. This way, you will have more Bitfames then when you first started trading. Since the Bitfames are a cryptocurrency, their value increases the more they are used. This means that, you can increase the number of Bitfames you have by trading, but also the value of the cryptocurrency itself can go up too.

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Trade your popularity stock, anytime, anywhere!

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Blockchain is a safe, transparent and cheap
way to transfer value

In the coming years Blockchain will be used more and more
in many aspects of your life, but you will remember that
Famebroker was the first using the Blockchain
protocol as a stock exchange.

Good Value
Easy to withdraw

About Us

The core of our team is an adept of the do or die philosophy.
We are highly competitive spirits that just hate to lose.

We always want to test and implement the new tendencies in our fields.
Marketing, technology, HR, finance...

Imer is the founder of the concept that became an idea and finally reality.

Over a decade of activity in management and consulting in fields such as finance, real estate, investments As Imer ASAN. Then, as Tito S. active in the music and clubbing business. It looks like Imer and Tito S. finally found in Famebroker a place to finally work together.

Imer Asan

CEO / Founder

Sacha is the Co-founder of Famebroker.

He was the only one who understood the concept quite fast enough that Imer decided to make him partner. Sacha made the concept and idea reality and gave it birth online. Sacha is the IT guy that totally fits the company spirit of hating to lose and the do or die mentality. We just have to find out if he is some kind robot/program or human himself. Time will tell.

Sacha Vandamme

CTO / Co-founder

Offices & departments

Famebroker is an international company with offices all around the world

Our offices in Dubai
Our offices in Malta
Our offices in Brussels
Our offices in Skopje
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